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Men should stop being retarded

Yeah, and dogs should stop licking themselves. It's not gonna happen.

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>>The name is Rachel. I do not tolerate disrespect from anyone. I'm seventeen years too old. I'm from the wonderful filthy state of NY. I'm a scorpio. I'm a vegetarian and an animal rights activist. I love animals. I'm a stubborn female of mostly Irish and German descent. I'm currently working on getting my wildlife rehabilitator license. I should have it by next year. I take bits and pieces of religions and apply them to my spiritual life. I don't believe in organized religion. People make me physically ill. Trying to get me to change my mind is a pointless effort. I will debate you until your too tired to debate. Unless your a complete moron. In which case, I won't waste my time talking to you. I don't say anything unless I have something to say. Think about it.

I'm the proud mommy of two rats, five cats, one hamster, four fish, one gecko, a ferret, and two hermit crabs. Animals are not our to eat, wear, experiment on, or use for entertainment.

I'm not the kind of person who will sit and listen to your sob story. I could care less about your problems...no really, I could care less. I'm in this world to fight for a cause. I do not sit behind an ipod or cell phone and hide from the worlds problems. I want to change things, or contribute to the change.
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